General Medical Check up

Arrazi Executive General medical checkup is a comprehensive health checkup package includes multi-disciplinary approach involving all systems. The plan has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs and time constrains of your busy schedule. In just 24 to 48 hours, you and your family members can complete a full battery of medical tests and evaluations.

The plan is differentiated according to age and gender including the following services:

Clinical Assessments
–     Internist
–    Ophthalmologist
–    ENT
–    Surgeon
–    Dentist

Lab Investigations
–    Stool Analysis
–    Stool for Occult blood
–    CBC
–    Blood group and Rh
–    ESR
–    Liver Function test
–    Lipid profile
–    Kidney function test
–    HCV Ab
–    HIV
–    Fasting Blood Sugar
–    Thyroid Function Test
–    PSA
–    PAP’s Smear for females
Other Investigation
–   Chest x-ray
–   ECG
–   Abdominal Ultrasound
–   Bone Densitometry