Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine clinics are staffed with highly qualified doctors and provide specialized care covering all aspects of internal medicine. Together with sub-specialty clinics, it provides a 24 hour service for emergencies.
The Internal Medicine department offers diagnostics and treatment of diseases belonging to internal medicine such as: Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Endocrine Disorders, allergy, asthma, hypertension, Irritable bowel disease, Anemia’s, Thrombosis, Peptic Ulcer, Diabetic Mellitus immune mediated diseases, hematological and rheumatologic diseases and pulmonary diseases. We have excellent in-house laboratory and X-ray facilities. We offer ECG and stress testing and pulmonary function test.
Along with expert care for existing conditions and diseases, the internal medicine team at ARRAZI Clinics, also emphasize education, preventative care and early detection as key components to achieving and maintaining optimum.
In addition, all type of medical checkups (Iqama & Baladiya Checkups, Industrial Medical checkup, Pre-employment checkup, premarital Check-up, Pre-school checkup, Travel Check-up) will be carried out under direct supervision of our internal medicine department which includes lab investigations, radiology investigation, vision, hearing and other specialized investigations along with a compiled general medical examination report by an internist. Our department will schedule service and directly coordinate with individual and companies for organized and confidential delivery of medical check-up reports.