We know that coming into hospital as an adult can be daunting but as a parent bringing their child in it can be an especially stressful time.
Pediatrician services are available 24/07 and on call at our Clinic by our experienced doctors. Our care includes state-of-the-art technologies and around-the-clock support. We provide outpatient services that focus on the acute management of illness, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through a comprehensive assessment.  Mothers are welcome to discuss day to day problems as well as have their infants weighed to the Pediatrician. Immunizations are carried out according to local government regulations and country of origin requirements. The Pediatrician carries out child development examinations at recommended ages.
Our Services include:
  • General pediatrics,
  • Growth and Development monitoring,
  • Behavior assessment and management (ADHD, ODD, CD),
  • Emotional assessment (Anxiety, School refusal, Self harm),
  • Assessment of learning difficulty and intellectual disability,
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asthma management,
  • Atopic dermatitis management,
  • Overweight and Obesity,
  • Baby Clinic and Vaccinations recommended by MOH and American academy of pediatrics.