The Laboratory at ARRAZI CLINICS is committed to accuracy and efficiency in providing test results for its patients. Lab services are provided for hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, therapeutic drug monitoring, bacteriology, micro bacteriology, mycology, parapsychology, diagnostic serology, syphilis serology, surgical pathology, autopsy pathology and psychopathology.
As an inclusive reference laboratory, we perform a broad spectrum of tests from routine to esoteric that medical practitioners need for the quality treatment of their patients. These tests are performed by a prominent team of highly expert and certified technicians and pathologist. Our most advanced equipment’s give the most accurate results at the right time with great reliability and precision reporting
In addition, all abnormal results are rechecked for confirmation, moreover, our laboratory applies the Bar – code system to minimize the probability of errors, and to assure and further advance in our quality. We apply a group of both internal and external quality control with foreign laboratories to provide the most professional services with more accurate results.